Elif Songür Dag is a designer and lecturer who loves to work especially on illustration. Her most recent work is on scientific illustrations. She has completed her Ph.D. in Art at Hacettepe University, 2011. Her dissertation is about scientific illustration and it's usage in children picture books. Elif Songür Dag is also a children books illustrator. There are more than 15 books that she has illustrated and designed for leading publishers at Turkey. She mentions "Gorki has said that (as authors)  they have to write better for children, so we have to illustrate for them better as well".
She graduated from Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphic Design Department at 1999. She had acquired a Master of Graphic Design degree in the same faculty in 2001. During these two years, she has learned animatic way of thinking. She has got courses about animation and cinema. Then she completed her first animated film "E, Ge' Bari..." in 2001. It was a cut-out film that she used paper puppets that she have illustrated. Film had accepted several film festivals in Turkey like 13. Ankara Film Festival (2001), 2. Izmir Short Film Festival (2001) and 2. Istanbul Animation Festival (2004).
Also, she takes place in brain team of Ankara Design Week since 2007. She participated lots of group exhibitions both national and international. She design ex-libris, and a is a member of Istanbul Exlibris Society. 
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